Make your roof the least of your worries.

EMB Roofing Services

EMB Roofing makes sure that your roof stays in tip top shape.

Roof Repairs

Whether it’s an emergency or not you can rest assured that any repairs needed will be taken care of in a speedy matter. At EMB we handle or roof repairs with the utmost priority. Currently, we offer emergency temporary roof protection, spot shingle removal, and replacement, vent removal, and replacement.

Roof Replacement

When you know its time its time, at EMB we will make your roof replacement go as smoothly as possible. From piking the right materials to suggesting helpful additions to your roof replacement project. And in the case that your aren’t sure you can always call in for a  free inspection. 

Roof Maintenace

Regular scheduled inspections and maintenance is a great way to make sure that the next big storm does not catch you off guard. At EMB we make sure that your roof stays in excellent condition.  Call now for your free roof inspection. 

Roofing is just part of the equation.

Find out what else EMB can do for you

Let us help you create the ideal space for you. From Restroom and Kitchen renovations to full home remodels.

From small side projects to full on new building construction, EMB will get your construction project realized. 

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Our Services include, but are not limited to:

  • • Home Improvements
  • • Full Home Remodels
  • • Media Rooms
  • • Cabinets
  • • Flooring
  • • Counter Tops
  • • Exterior and Interior Painting
  • • Trim Carpentry
  • • Stairs
  • • Home Repairs
  • • Outdoor Patios
  • • Masonry

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Excellent Customer Reviews

"It went very smoothly and much better than I could have imagined. Rudy and his crew were very helpful and mindful of keeping the dust down and keeping us informed with what was going to be happening next as the project moved along and what items we needed pick out . Rudy helped us pick out tile and other bathroom features and was very receptive to the design ideas we had in our heads and was able to bring them to life. Would highly recommend."

"Rudy and his team did and excellent job . He finish the job before time and my driveway looks very clean. The paint job was done perfect, We had some basil and mint plants on the ground by the siding , they took extra care not to damage the plants. Awesome job ."

Why chose EMB?

Our Experience & Commitment

 Our years of experience have helped us to better understand our customer’s needs while also allowing us to hone our workmanship and craft to perfection! Our Commitment has and will always be to treat every project as a piece of art, it is our craft, and we more than anyone else would like our work to speak for itself. Because of this, we can confidently guarantee that your project is in great hands. 

Certified & Licensed

We at EMB understand that just about anyone can type a couple of words to make themselves appear to be the perfect contractor. Because of this, we have made sure that we are constantly up to date with all of our certifications and license. This way you can rest assure that we are certified to install the right materials to code and specifications of the manufacturer.